Cedric van den Berg

My work revolves around animal vision and colouration. I am particularly involved in the development of new ways to study complex animal colour patterns and their function and evolution. I am using nudibranch mollusks (a particularly fancy type of ‘Seaslug’) and triggerfish as my model organisms.

I also engage in citizen science projects where I try to support efforts to care for the marine environment using my skills as a scientific diver and photographer.

My research focuses on the study of the function, design and evolution of animal colouration. I am specifically investigating colour pattern geometry and function in nudibranch mollusks. To do that I am combining state-of-the-art underwater photography, behavioural data, imaging software and colour pattern analysis in an attempt to create a comprehensive approach towards the quantification and qualification of animal colour pattern design, function and evolution. This research is enabled by an international team of experts in visual ecology from across different institutes, states and countries all over the world.


Green, N.F., Urquhart, H.H., van den Berg, C.P., Marshall, N.J. & Cheney, K.L. 2018. Pattern edges improve predator learning of aposematic signals. Behav. Ecol. 1–6.

Winters, A.E., Wilson, N.G., van den Berg, C.P., How, M.J., Endler, J.A., Marshall, N.J., et al.2018. Toxicity and taste: unequal chemical defences in a mimicry ring. Proc. R. Soc. B Biol. Sci.285: 20180457.

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