Lab Members

Dr. Karen Cheney

Karen in the Principal Investigator in the School of Biological Sciences, UQ. We closely collaborate with members of Prof. Justin Marshall’s lab in Queensland Brain Institute, also at UQ. Student supervision is split between Karen, Justin, Dr. Fabio Cortesi and Fanny in various ratios.

Naomi Green (Phd)

Naomi investigates the visual systems of triggerfish and conducts behavioural trials to understanding animal perception.

Cedric van den Berg (PhD)

Cedric is developing quantitative methods to analyse animal colour patterns and is interested in the function and evolution of warning signals in nudibranch molluscs.

Laurie Mitchell (PhD)

Laurie is investigating the visual system and ecology of anemone fish. He is also using CRISPR/CAS9 to understand the molecular genetics of opsin proteins.

Valerio Tettamanti (Phd)

Valerio has just commenced his PhD and is based in QBI. He is working on the molecular genetics of clownfish visual systems.

Martin Luehrmann

Martin completed his PhD investigating the visual ecology of cardinal fish. He is currently working with us as a senior research assistant.

Charlotte Lewis

Charlotte is a visiting intern from the University of Bangor, UK conducting behavioural trials with triggerfish

Weili Chan (PhD)

Naomi is investigating the visual systems of triggerfish and conducts behavioural trials.

Louise Forster (PhD)

Colour pattern analyses and nudibranchs

Amelia Phelan (Honours)

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Former PhD students

Former Masters and Honours students

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