Martin Luehrmann

Martin submitted his PhD in January 2018 on ‘Colour vision diversity in coral reef fishes: Cardinalfish (Apogonidae)’. Hw was supervised by Prof. Justin Marshall and Dr. Karen Cheney.


Luehrmann, M., Cortesi, F., Cheney, K. L., Marshall, N. J. (in prep) Microhabitat preference can predict opsin gene repertoire, gene expression and eye morphology in coral reef cardinalfishes (Apogonidae).

Luehrmann, M., Carleton, K. L., Cortesi, F., Cheney, K. L., Marshall, N. J. (submitted, Molecular Ecology) Surprising visual pigment diversity in nocturnal reef fishes: the cardinalfish (Apogonidae).

Luehrmann, M. L., Stieb, S. M., Carleton, K. L., Pietzger, A., Cheney, K. L., Marshall, N. J. (2018) Short term colour vision plasticity on the reef: Changes in opsin expression under varying light conditions differ between ecologically distinct reef fish species Journal of Experimental Biology doi: 10.1242/jeb.175281